Erika Blair & Co.

Erika Blair & Co. is a finance education firm that specializes in equipping clients with tools for establishing and expanding wealth. The firm’s unique approach centers on equity and access by teaching clients about the myths and secrets of the historically wealthy. Once equipped with this knowledge, clients are able to follow tool kits, guides and handbooks developed by Erika Blair & Co. as they journey to and through affluence.

Services offered include Personal Investment Education, Corporate Financial Curriculum Development, Corporate Financial Education Workshops, and Corporate Financial Learning Platforms. Products offered include Personal Finance Assessments, Personal Finance Tool Kits, and Personal Finance E-Books.

The firm offers more than 15 years of experience in wealth
management, investment strategy, and financial education. Trained in the trading hub of the world’s biggest economy, Wall Street, the firm is led by finance, trading, and stock market expert, Erika Blair McGrew. The firm’s methodologies are unique and proven. Erika Blair & Co. is dedicated to disrupting disparities to help clients achieve affluence.

Erika Blair McGrew

Erika Blair McGrew is dedicated to dismantling historical economic disparities between the wealthy and the underrepresented. A consultant, professor, author, orator, wife and mother, McGrew has a unique passion for making affluence equitable.

She started her career in financial services and investing in 2008 as an Investment Analyst. Building portfolios for a $250 million investment fund, McGrew developed a knack for analyzing and pitching stocks. She went on to serve in various roles, including Associate Vice President, Financial Advisor and Financial Consultant, for companies such as Merrill Lynch and Advocacy Wealth Management.

Today, McGrew continues as a consultant in addition to owning her own firm, Erika Blair & Co., and nonprofit, Young Wall Street. A former Qualitative Lab professor at her alma mater Clark Atlanta University, she is also a graduate of Tennessee State Univerity, Georgia State University, and currently pursuing her Ph.D in Philosophy & Business Administreation Finance at the University of Memphis. She is finance media correspondent with Scripps News, and author of “Beyond 2020.” A passionate public speaker and dedicated teacher, McGrew believes there is hope for dismantling historical economic disparities between the wealthy and the underrepresented.

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